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What to replace Joe Blasco?

ben nye maskeeraus meikit meikkipohja meikkisarja meikkivoide

The importation of the much-loved Joe Blasco series has been discontinued in Finland, and this has left consumers in a quandary when trying to find new similar products. In particular, Blasco's cult product Ultrabase foundation has been trusted by many professionals and consumers alike.

But what to replace Ultrabase?

The best (if not even better 😉 ) replacement product is the Ben Nye HD Matte Foundation found in our selection. The product is suitable for all skin types and lasts beautifully from morning to night. Ben Nye products can be found both in professional make-up artists' kits and in consumers' make-up bags.

Like Ultrabase, HD Matte Foundation also has a waxy and pigmented texture, so it's sufficient and you only need to use a small amount of the product! (up to 250 uses per package 18g)
HD Matte Foundation contains 38-40% pigments and the product is easy to layer if you want a very opaque end result. Suitable for party make-up and everyday use as well as for television production and big stages.

True to its name, the foundation leaves a matte finish, but does not require powdering. If your skin is oily or you otherwise want a matte finish, we recommend powdering to achieve a matte and a more long lasting finish.

Ben Nye's foundations are unscented and allergy tested, so the products are also great for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

There are 72 different shades in the shade selection, so everyone will definitely find just the one! The shades are also easy to mix together.

Read more about HD Matte Foundation:

By the way, did you know that Joe Blasco has actually been Ben Nye's apprentice!

Which Ben Nye foundation should I choose?

If you want a highly opaque/full coverage finish:

If you want a lighter and more glowy end result:

If choosing your own shade through the online store seems difficult, please contact us and we will help! 💛 We also serve in our retail store in the center of Helsinki at Bulevardi 5, where our professional staff will help you find the perfect shade for you. All shades can be seen in our store.

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  • Backstage Beauty on

    Hei Tiina!

    Näkemättä edellistä meikkivoidetta tai ihoasi on valitettavasti vaikeaa kertoa tiettyä vastaavaa sävyä. Jos vaan pystyt, niin piipahda kivijalkamyymälässämme (vanhan meikkivoiteen kanssa, mikäli tallella vielä). Jos vierailu paikan päällä ei ole mahdollista, voit laittaa sähköpostitse info@backstagebeauty.fi kuvan kasvoistasi ja vanhasta meikkivoiteesta, niin koitamme löytää vastaavan sävyn näiden avulla! <3
    HD Matte Foundation on 39,90€ .

  • Rantanen Tiina on

    Hei käytin vuosia Joe Blascon meikkiä warm olive 3. Mikä olisi vastaava siihen? Kesäihoni hyvin ruskettuva ja ihoni krllertävän oliivin ruskea. Kesällä jopa tämä väri oli vähän liian vaalea mutta menisi nyt oikein hyvin. Paljonko tämän hinta?
    Yst. Tiina

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