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Privacy policy


Our operations require the processing of personal data, 
where we undertake to comply with the regulations and principles
set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
We collect personal data from our customers in connection with
the delivery and marketing of our services, customer relationship
management, invoicing and development of our service.


Backstage Beauty

Updated on 29 November 2022

Privacy statement

Register statement according to § 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999).


Backstage Beauty

Social security number: 2990786-1

Address: Kaivokatu 06100 Porvoo

Place of residence: Porvoo

Phone. 044 771 2000

email: info@backstagebeauty.fi

Contact person responsible for registry matters:

Luna Lind

Email: luna@backstagebeauty.fi

The name of the personal register

Customer and marketing register

Purpose of personal data processing

The purpose of processing personal data is to serve customers (orders, invoicing, delivery of products/services), to communicate with customers, to map customer groups and purchasing behavior and, with the customer's separate consent, to send them newsletters and offers.

Data to be registered

The following information is entered in the personal register:


Telephone number
Customer group
Information about ordered products/services
Marketing permits

Regular sources of information

Information important to the personal register is regularly acquired 
in the following ways: - From the customer themselves when ordering/purchasing a product/service - From the raffles held at fairs - In connection with the training, with the customer's permission
and information provided by them - Adding information to the customer register with
the customer's permission face-to-face, by phone,
email or via social media - Information kept from the previous importer
(Riitta Vaara/ Makeup House Oy) - A contract where the data subject is the other party

Information sources

We collect the information from the online store user that they 
themselves provide when using the website.
We collect information about visitors to our website so that we can
develop our website even better and target suitable marketing for our
website visitors. The information is automatically saved in the
register when the user enters the information on our website or
when the user visits our store.

Disclosure of personal data

In processing the personal data included in the register, 
we use service providers who may have access to your personal data
from outside the EU/EEA region, such as the United States.
We take care of the appropriate and legal execution of the transfers
in accordance with the legislation on personal data. No more access to personal data is granted than is necessary
to implement the services. The transfer of personal data outside
the European Union or the European Economic Area is based on the always
valid legislation on the processing of personal data and is carried out
in accordance with that legislation. Information can be disclosed from the personal register in the following
cases: -The customer is suspected of a crime against our company/staff -Failure to pay the invoice for a long time, in which case the matter
is transferred to the collection agency -Traffic entering the store and purchasing behavior in the store
are registered anonymously in our data, and this data does not reveal
any customer information to us.
Registry protection

A) Material in physical form (appointment book, printed contracts, 
invoices and receipts) Material in physical form is kept in a locked state at Diva`s Makeup Art
offices, and always so that outsiders cannot see the documents. B) Electronically stored information Information in electronic form is stored in information systems
that use both technical and programmatic means to ensure data security. Such means are e.g. passwords, fingerprint tags and firewalls. We try to the best of our ability to protect customer data from
outsiders, and we also oblige the same from the system operators
where our customers' data is located.
Only those employees whose job description includes it can see the 
customer's information.
The right to inspect and correct data

The registered person has the right to check what information about 
them is stored in the personal register.
To implement the inspection request, the registered person must
contact the company or a direct contact person.
The contact information is shown above.
The processing of one (1) inspection request per year is free of
charge for the registered person. The registered person also has the
right to demand the correction of incorrect information in the register. In the data correction request, the error to be corrected must be identified and the corrected data must be indicated. To implement the correction request, the registered person must be in contact with the contact person. Other data subject rights The registered person has the right to request the deletion of their data
from the system at any time. The registered person has the right to
prohibit the use of information about themselves for the purposes specified
in the law.
Such a ban can be given at any time to the contact person mentioned above.