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Terms of service

1 Common

These are the general terms and conditions for the use of 
backstagebeauty.fi (hereinafter the "Service") (hereinafter the "Terms").
The user of the Service (hereinafter the "User") should read these Terms
carefully before using the Service. The terms apply to all user actions in
the Service. The Service may also contain special terms and conditions regarding some
functions (such as online store contract terms, review function contract
terms) that apply to the User's functions in addition to these Terms,
if the User uses the functions in question.

2. Rights and restrictions regarding the use of the service

The user has the right to view and browse the service and its content, 
such as text, product information, images, trademarks and logos
(hereinafter "Content") and to use the services offered by
backstagebeauty.fi. The user may not modify or reproduce the Content
in any way, nor partially distribute, distribute, transfer, publicly
present or otherwise make the Content public as such or modified, with
the exception of permitted linking according to section 6. Backstagebeauty.fi grants the User the limited right to use the
Service defined in these Terms only for the User's personal use and the
User may not use the Service or Content for commercial purposes.
backstagebeauty.fi does not grant the user any other rights to the
Service or Content than the rights separately mentioned in these Terms. It is permitted to use the Service only in accordance with the Terms and
Conditions in force at any given time and applicable legislation, as well
as any instructions and conditions given separately in the Service.
The User may not interrupt or attempt to interrupt or otherwise disrupt
or attempt to disrupt the operation of the Service in any way.

The User may not use the Service for illegal activities, 
activities whose purpose is to interrupt the operation of the Service,
make it difficult for other users to use the Service, or otherwise
disrupt the operation of the Service (e.g. placing in the Service
materials containing timed interference programs, viruses or other
parts capable of affecting the programmatic structure of the Service),
other collecting or storing personal data of users,
falsifying or processing such header or identification data that aims
to cover up the origin of the content transmitted through the Service,
backstagebeauty.fi or posing as a representative of another party or
providing other types of false information. The user may not send, deliver or publish any content on the Service
(including, but not limited to, texts, images, logos and signs) that is
against the law or good practice or is otherwise unsuitable for
publication, infringes the rights of third parties or without rights
some products or advertising services.
Backstagebeauty.fi has the right at any time to limit the use of the 
Service or its parts or functions, and for justified reasons to prevent
the User from accessing the Service. Backstagebeauty.fi can use its
mentioned rights without prior notification and without liability for
compensation. In addition, Backstagebeauty.fi reserves the right to
invoke all of its legal rights arising from the violation of the
restrictions defined in these Terms.

3. Processing of personal data

Backstagebeauty.fi processes personal data in a manner permitted and 
required by the personal data legislation in force at any given time,
acting as the registrar of personal records. Customer data is processed
as described in the customer register's register statement. 4. Cookies Our operations require the processing of personal data, where we
undertake to comply with the regulations and principles set by the
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We collect personal data
from our customers in connection with the delivery and marketing of our
services, customer relationship management, invoicing and development of
our service. By using our website, you agree to the processing of your data in
accordance with our privacy statement. The content of our data
protection statement may change with the development of the service, so
please read our data protection statement at regular intervals when
using the service.

We use cookies on our website so that we can offer our services as
user-friendly and high-quality as possible. Cookies are automatically
saved on the computer / mobile device when the visitor visits different
websites. We use this information to develop our website to make it even

We may use cookies to develop, analyze and target and optimize our 
marketing. By using our website, you accept the use of cookies.
If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can disable cookies in
the settings of your web browser. If you do not accept the use of
cookies, please note that the functionality of the site may be limited.

5. Intellectual property rights

The Service and Content are the property of backstagebeauty.fi or its 
partners, protected by copyright laws and international copyright
treaties. All intellectual property rights related to the Service and
Content (including copyright, registered and unregistered trademark and
design rights, domain names, patents, database rights and trade secrets)
belong to backstagebeauty.fi or its partners. All rights reserved.
6. Changes

Backstagebeauty.fi reserves the right to change these Terms at its 
discretion. Changes to the terms come into effect when the changes
announced in the Service, after which they are applied to the User's
activities in the Service. Backstagebeauty.fi reserves the right at any time without prior notice
to make changes and corrections to the Service or Content and to disable
any parts or functions of the Service.
7. Applicable law

These Terms are governed by Finnish law, with the exception of its 
conflict of law provisions. The parties will primarily try to resolve
disagreements arising from these Terms or their application through
negotiations. If the negotiations do not lead to an amicable solution,
the disagreements will be resolved in the district court in Finland.
The consumer user can also take the dispute to the district court or
consumer dispute board of his domicile. 8. Service administrator The service is maintained by: Backstage Beauty info@backstagebeauty.fi